Weddings and Unions in Tuscany at Casa Portagioia

For many couples Italy symbolises the perfect wedding and honeymoon location. Well known for its famous cities and picture perfect landscapes many thousands of couples have chosen Tuscany to realise their dream and create their fairy-tale wedding.

Tuscany is a dream wedding location for many lovers; however, it does take some planning to organise and co-ordinate. Some couples prefer to do all the ground work for themselves whereas others, perhaps knowing a thing or two about Italys infamous bureaucracy, prefer to use the services of a wedding planner'.

In Italy it is possible to have either a  valid civil wedding, a religious wedding, or a simple blessing. In the case of legal weddings, there are a number of documents required which need to be presented to the local authorities.

The documentation necessary varies depending upon the type of ceremony required and the nationality of the bride and her groom. We have local, English speaking contacts with experience in arranging weddings from the big event to the reception and honeymoon.

For small weddings and ceremonies of up to 18 guests, we shall be pleased to offer help, advice, facilities, catering and accommodation to make your wedding a true Tuscan dream.  Please complete the simple form below and we may be able to help you fulfil those dreams.  All coloured fields are required.

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