At Casa Portagioia we offer our guests masses of information about places in Tuscany to visit and - we make sure they don't get lost when they don't - just want to get lost!

You know what it's like when in a strange country or region, perhaps driving on the 'wrong' side of the road, an unfamiliar car and maybe you're not too good with the local language - sometimes, it's just easier to play it safe and not rely upon your partner's dubious map reading skills just to keep the peace!

Using modern technologies, Google Earth©, GPS and Satellite Navigation, in addition to our extensive knowledge of Tuscany and beyond, we have compiled downloadable pages - available at any time when staying with us at Casa Portagioia - of accurate 'global' coordinates you can simply enter and follow; always assuming you have SatNav in your car or on your suitably updated mobile phone (you may need to download regional maps to your phone before departing on your holiday).

For example, these coordinates find Casa Portagioia (11° 59’ 33.2” E  - 43° 21’ 12.7” N).  Set these as a 'Permanent Waypoint' and wherever you are in Tuscany these will get you to your Tuscan home i.e. Casa Portagioia

...merely another service we provide for our guests.  However, if you do not have SatNav in your vehicle then please click here to read map based directions to Casa Portagioia.

Please check for a Car Hire quotation from AutoEurope™ from your selected arrival airport...see Guest Services/Car Hire - Italy