Exterior - Osteria del Teatro, Cortona

Your hosts, Terry and Marcello, are always available to advise their guests concerning where to eat locally and make reservations on their behalf.  Although there are several good restaurants in Castiglion Fiorentino itself the chance to enjoy dinner in Cortona or Arezzo should not be overlooked.

Generally, dining out need not be too costly for good quality and interesting dishes with which you may be unfamiliar.  For the more rugged palate, local Wild Boar or vast Fiorentino Steaks (usually ordered by weight) are very popular, along with the ever present delicious Crostini to start.  Of course, pasta, in a multitude of forms, figures highly and in this area of expertise 'just go with the flow' - you'll very rarely be disappointed.  Similarly, pizza, once the epitome of poor man's food, like fish and chips to the British or hamburger in America, is both distinctive and a pleasure to eat when created by the originator.

Restaurants are not generally the place to experience the best of Italian ice cream.  Ice cream parlours (Gelateria) abound with a range of flavours, textures (and even smells) that are truly sublime.  Ice cream is a social activity in Italy so don't be surprised to find Gelateria packed at midnight and we recommend that you never miss the opportunity to enjoy ice cream in Italy, it is truly unparalleled in both quality and flavour. Our favourite in Castiglion Fiorentino is Mondo Gelato - adjacent to Pietro's. It should be noted that many restaurants do not have English speaking staff and if your Italian leaves something to be desired a little advice concerning ordering from Marcello could save you from that 'unexpected entree' (with rather more legs than you had anticipated, perhaps!)

Meanwhile, at Casa Portagioia we do regularly offer a table d'hote informal evening meal (we like to call it a dinner party for our guests) of essentially local Tuscan dishes served on our dining room terrace - weather permitting (it usually does!) - to which all of our guests are invited.  This service is only available on two evenings each week. 

However, if dining out is your pleasure, we are always more than pleased to assist you in any way we can.

Castiglion Fiorentino favourites include Passagio, Antica Pieve and Pietro - All, excellent value, and very enjoyable.

An example the local restaurants in Cortona (11km) we do often recommend are La Loggetta especially in the summer months sitting on the loggetta overlooking the historic square of Cortona, good food and reasonably priced, Taverna Pane e Vino great for simple food - but great for wine lovers, and  Osteria del Teatro

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A FEW Recommended local Restaurants
(euro = low prices - euroeuroeuro = Higher prices)

Dining in Castiglion Fiorentino:

Passagio. Serves both meat and fish with much prepared on wooden grill. summer garden and pleasant decor. Easy to get to, excellent service, and a pleasant ambience. euro

Ristorante La Foce this is a traditional restaurant which is high above Castiglion Fiorentino, Fresh ingredients are the key here and you can always find a specialty that is in season. Entertainment too - music or special wine evenings. euro

Antica Pieve:  A real favourite of locals serving pizza and a selection of pasta dishes and the famous Fiorentino steaks. Very reasonably priced during the summer months, dining is outside and very pleasant euro

Pietro:  A real favourite of locals (and ours) serving the best pizza in town along with a selection of pasta dishes and the famous Fiorentino steaks. Very reasonably priced a little chaotic just to add to the experience. euro

Roggis:  Similar to Pietro, but set high in the town, offering a range of meals. euro

Muziconi Ristorante: A fresh approach. Authentic Tuscan cuisine and one of the best steaks, The Gnocchi with a gorgonzola sauce is really yummy! euro

La Bottega del Vino:  A great range of wines and simple Tuscan food. euro

Valley Restaurant - the closest - about 6 minutes. Offering local and Tuscan cuisine. Great during summer when you can eat outside - but ask us about this.

Dining in Cortona:

Canta di Napoli. A very authentic Italian restaurant specialising in Fish and seafood. Inexpensive, great service and charming hospitality. euro

La Locanda nel Logetta wonderfully located in a 13th century building overlooking the main square of beautiful Cortona. We especially like this during the summer months, but the best tables - need to be booked  euro

Osteria del Teatro:  Surrounded by opera music, enjoy the veal in wine and end with a pear swimming in chocolate. Fairly priced. euroeuro

Tonino: Under an umbrella of stars, dine on the beautiful terrace overlooking the Val di Chiana. The 25 course appetizer is a must. euroeuro

La Grotto:  Tucked away in a quiet courtyard off the busy main street, you will find great bruschetta, pasta and main courses served in a fine atmosphere both inside and out. euro

Fufluns:  Casual friendly pizzeria offering pizza, pasta and a range of other foods. euro

Il falconiere: Very civilised dining in a wonderful setting. During the warmer months, tables are set on a magnificent terrace overlooking Cortona and the Val di Chiana.  The style is modern Italian and world cuisine. It has earned a Michelin star which gives an indication of its level of kitchen. Service though is sadly often secondary.  Prices are high, but, if you have something to celebrate and want to splash out this might be the place euroeuroeuro

Dining in Arezzo

Saffron  This is somewhere we enjoy - it is not at all Tuscan - it is a great fusion of Japanese/Italian.  Fairly priced. euroeuro

Chiave D'oro. A modern Italian/world cuisine restaurant. Owned by a brother with two sisters, you can watch the chef at work whilst his sisters supervise he restaurant. Service can sometimes be slow, but the food is worthwhile. euroeuro