The Breakfast/Dining Room Terrace at Casa Portagioia overlooking our olive grove and gardens.
Casa Portagioia's 'Continental Breakfast' Menu - euro14.00*

*Please note: For all Bed & Breakfast guests breakfast is of course included in their daily tariff.  Only apartment guests choosing to take breakfast or non-resident visitors are charged for breakfast.  Casa Portagioia's breakfast (petit dejeuner) is served from 08:30 - 10:30 daily.  Room service for breakfast is only available from 09:30-10:30.

Spremuta d’Arancia

Orange Juice always freshly squeezed each morning: nothing added, nothing taken away.

Frutta Fresca

Largest selection of seasonal fresh fruits for your choice.  Apples, oranges, pears, plums, grapes, melon, pineapple, figs (when available), bananas, kiwi fruit, mangoes plus assorted nuts, raisins and other dried fruits.


Warmed freshly baked plain butter croissants.  Assortment of preserves, fresh honey, cheeses (upon request) or sweet and savoury items.

Cornetto con Marmellata etc

Warmed freshly baked butter croissants filled with fruit conserve,
chocolate rolls, apple strudel.  Toast available on request.
(Pastry selection varies daily).


Large selection of cereals and muesli with chilled fresh milk.


Selection of fresh plain or fruit yoghurts and Actimel / Danactive digestive drinks.

Uova bollite

Eggs: Served scrambled/poached with fresh local ham and cherry tomatoes or served boiled with toast soldiers.

Caffè  Lavazza™ – Anche decaffeinato

Lavazza™ Fresh Coffee -  (Regular or decaffeinated).


Lavazza™ Cappuccino.

Latte Macchiato

Lavazza™ Café Latte.

Caffè Americano

Filter/Drip Coffee.


Lavazza™ Espresso.

Espresso Doppio

Lavazza™ Large Espresso.


Tea (decaffeinated available)

English Breakfast

English Breakfast / Earl Grey teas.

Thé alla Frutta

Selection of fruit teas and infusions.

Cioccolato caldo

Hot Chocolate.

Latte Fresco

Fresh Milk.

Acqua Minerale

Chilled mineral water, sparkling or still.

Buon Appetito
Wi-Fi internet connection is available in the dining room
You may also consider dining with us during an informal evening of regional
Tuscan cuisine prepared freshly by Marcello.  For further details
click here.